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    Car Hire United Kingdom

    Explore more of the United Kingdom with Car Hire

    Compare all the major suppliers in one place to find the best rates for car hire in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with Auto Europe. Australia's experts in car hire, you can relax on your holiday knowing that Auto Europe can take care of all your rental needs. Save on your UK car rental and get a quote online today!

    Country Essentials

    Like Australia, driving in the UK is on the left-hand side of the road. Stick to the left-hand lane unless you are ready to overtake. Residential and built-up areas have a typical speed limit of 30mph (48km/hr). Speed limits are well signposted if it deviates from the norm, for example, school zones or two-lane roads. On the motorways, the maximum speed limit is 70mph (112km/hr) and many motorways now operate average speed cameras. Beware of large trucks as they are limited to 60mph (96km/hr).

    Standard Inclusions

    All of our rental bookings include Value Added Tax (VAT) and third-party liability insurance. You can also have peace of mind with 24-hour emergency roadside assistance and 24/7 phone support.Renting a Car

    Driving in the United Kingdom

    Compared with some of the distances between Australian cities, most towns and cities in the UK are very accessible by car and just a short drive away from each other. You can drive the entire length of the island between John o'Groats and Land's End in 1350km if desired. If not, there is much to be seen and experienced in between! Immerse yourself in the steaming Roman Spa in Bath, savour some local Cornish ice cream and if you're feeling brave, have a paddle in the Atlantic ocean.

    Further north, there are many major cities all relatively close. Music lovers can head to the home of the Beatles and walk down Penny Lane in Liverpool, or dance away in the popular nightclubs in Newcastle. Cruise up to Scotland, see if you can spot the Loch Ness monster and perhaps enjoy a round of golf in St Andrews, the oldest course in the world. With so much to see and do, don't forget to scope out some of the remarkable royal residences and historic castles on the way.

    Licence Requirements

    Australians are allowed to drive on a valid, full (no probationary licences) licence issued from an Australian state or territory, for up to 12 months from entry in to the United Kingdom.

    Tolls and Freeways

    The M6 motorway which runs north-south in central England is the only toll road. There are many toll bridges and tunnels which can be paid for with cash. Prices vary and can have peak and off-peak rates so it is best to plan ahead to avoid any surprises. Central London and Durham operate a congestion charge zone, and if you are driving around Central London 7am-6pm during the week, expect to budget about £10 each day.

    Fleet Guide

    You can find details and compare all the great cars available for hire in Ireland by checking out our fleet guide. Please note that not all cars are available at all locations.

    Border Crossings

    Driving between England, Scotland and Wales is permitted and there are no customs or border checkpoints between these countries. If you plan to take your rental car to Northern Ireland, Ireland, or continental Europe you will need to check that the supplier permits their vehicles to be transported by ferry.

    Useful Distances

    • London to Cardiff - 243km (approx. 2hr 40mins)
    • London to Edinburgh - 652km (approx. 7hr)
    • Bath to Cornwall - 260km (approx. 2hr 45mins)
    • Manchester to Sheffield - 62km (approx. 1hr 15mins)
    • Newcastle to York - 144km (approx. 1hr 45mins)

    Car Hire in the United Kingdom with Auto Europe

    Book your car hire in the UK with Auto Europe over our safe, reliable and secure online booking system. Our exceptional customer service and Beat Rate Guarantee assure the best savings and quality of service on your car hire. For more information, read our Car Rental FAQ page, read our Terms and Conditions, or Contact Us.

    Top UK Car Hire Locations

    Auto Europe is proud to offer car hire in every major city in the UK. No matter where your travel itinerary brings you, Auto Europe has a local supplier with the best prices. Find your chosen city below or enter your details in the search form above.

    Car Hire London London Car Hire Edinburgh Edinburgh Car Hire Dublin Dublin Car Hire Manchester Manchester
    Car Hire Belfast Belfast Car Hire Bath Bath Car Hire Cardiff Cardiff Car Hire Liverpool Liverpool

    UK Driving Inspiration

    To make your UK self-drive adventure that little bit easier we have a range of resources to assist! You can download Auto Europe's UK Travel & Driving Guide for free which provide useful information and touring ideas to create your own holiday itinerary or for the latest and greatest UK events and itineraries check out our blog.

    UK Driving Guide         UK on the Blog                                                      


    We search & compare the best rates and choices with reputable suppliers in the United Kingdom. Our Suppliers are located throughout major cities. 


    • Aberdeen to Inverness - 170 kms (2 hrs / 50 mins)
    • Birmingham to Warwick - 55 kms (40 mins)
    • Bristol to Cardiff - 80 kms (1 hr / 10 mins)
    • Dover to London - 85 kms (2 hrs)
    • London to Brighton - 85 kms (1 hr / 30 mins)
    • Manchester to Liverpool - 60 kms (50 mins)
    • Stansted to London - 60 kms (1 hr / 10 mins)


    A full valid drivers licence is required for a minimum of 1 year.


    Generally, the minimum age is 21 years, but can vary between the car hire company and location. Maximum age limits apply in some locations, a young/senior driver surcharge may apply. Please check terms & conditions when making an enquiry or booking.


    General driving rules, laws and regulations in the United Kingdom;

    • Driving is on the left-hand side of the road.
    • Pass other cars on the right-hand side of the road.
    • Dipped headlights are to be used during poor visibility.
    • Mobile phones are prohibited while driving.
    • All occupants of the vehicle must wear a seatbelt.
    • All vehicles must give way to emergency services vehicles.
    • Do not drive in bus lanes during restricted hours. See signs by the side of the road for times.
    • Drivers are to carry at all times while driving, a valid drivers licence, registration documents and insurance documents.


    Whilst there are no laws regarding equipment you must carry with you in the vehicle; it is important to make sure you are prepared for whatever driving conditions you may endure.


    Children up to the age of 12 years old or 135cms in height must use a seat belt or an appropriate child seat.


    In the United Kingdom speed limits are posted in miles per hour (mph), limits can vary depending on the type of road and vehicle used. Your speed must be adjusted depending on the conditions of the road, environment, hazards and time of day. Below are the speed limits in the United Kingdom for use as a guide only, unless signed otherwise.

    • Urban Area (built-up areas): 30mph (50km/h)
    • Single Carriageways: 60mph (100km/h)
    • Dual Carriageways: 70mph (115km/h)
    • Motorways: 70mph (115km/h)


    Driving under the influence (DUI) is a very serious offence and can lead to imprisonment. Alcohol can have a serious effect on your judgement and ability to drive. The legal blood alcohol content (BAC) in the United Kingdom is 0.08mg/100ml. Police have the authority to stop motorists suspected to be over the limit and carry out alcohol tests.


    The only motorway in the United Kingdom where a toll is payable is on the M6. Tolls can be paid in cash, credit cards or an electronic tag linked to an account. Toll charges also exist on some tunnels and bridges. In London, a congestion charge is payable when driving within the congestion charging zone during the applicable times of the day and day of the week. Payment can be made online, by phone, at participating shops or by post. Rental cars - check with the supplier upon collection for additional information and procedures.


    • Regulatory Signs; motorists must follow the actions they are permitted or forbidden to do. You will generally find these signs in a circular shape with a red border and either a black symbol/text in the middle, an example is a speed limit sign.
    • Warning Signs; provides motorists warnings of any upcoming hazards ahead. These signs can be found with a yellow background, black border and a black symbol/text in the middle. An example is a sharp turn ahead sign or speed hump ahead.
    • Roadwork Signs; gives motorists information about upcoming road works or road changes. These signs are displayed with a white background, red border with a symbol/text in the middle, shapes can also vary.
    • Information Signs; provides information regarding directions, facilities, distance...etc. Shapes and colours can vary depending on the types of roads and the information type. These signs can be found with a green background, white, blue, or brown background. Green is used for directions to cities/towns and streets/roads, white will provide information to other major roads or motorways, blue details motorways and brown are used for tourist facilities/attractions.


    On-street parking in the United Kingdom can be very complicating and with many regulations to obey. Rules, restrictions and prices differ depending on the city, in major cities such as London you can expect to pay a high price for parking. An alternative to on-street parking is car parks, they're great for those extended stays and often secure. Although prices can vary depending on the location and time. If you decide to use on-street parking within a major city parking permitted in areas where a pay-and-display sign is posted. A ticket pre-paid to your desired time must be purchased from nearby machines and displayed on your front dashboard. You must return to your vehicle before your expiry time and remove your car or purchase more time, otherwise, you will be left with a fine or having your vehicle towed. Note; Parking is not permitted in areas marked with a single and double yellow and red lines along the edge of the road. Be sure to check signage before leaving your vehicle.


    Visa, passport and entry requirements for Australians visiting the United Kingdom:

    • As a general guide, visas are not required for Australian passport holders entering the United Kingdom for a tourism or business stay of fewer than 6 months but are required if you intend to work. Contact the UK High Commission in Canberra or the British Consulate in your local state for additional information regarding visas.
    • A valid passport is required with at least 6 months validity.


    There is no legal requirement for the use of snow tires or snow chains. However, driving in winter conditions may be hazardous for the unprepared driver. Although the UK is not known for extreme winter weather, such conditions may be extremely hazardous and many drivers might need to consider driving in situations where they do not feel confident.

    Top UK Car Hire Locations

    Auto Europe is proud to offer car hire in every major city in the UK. No matter where your travel itinerary brings you, Auto Europe has a local supplier with the best prices. Find your chosen city below or enter your details in the search form above.

    Car Hire London London Car Hire Edinburgh Edinburgh Car Hire Dublin Dublin Car Hire Manchester Manchester
    Car Hire Belfast Belfast Car Hire Bath Bath Car Hire Cardiff Cardiff Car Hire Liverpool Liverpool
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