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    Car Hire Scotland

    Explore the best of what Scotland can offer by Hire Car

    Auto Europe is one of Australia's leaders in worldwide car hire and leasing. With locations in over 180 countries and depots across Scotland, book the perfect rental vehicle online today!

    Historical links between Scotland and Australia date back to the days when the first Scottish settlers arrived down under in 1788. Discover your special connections to Scotland as you journey through the landscape and enjoy a jam-packed programme of cultural, active, food & drink, ancestral and natural events and festivals which perfectly showcase Scotland's distinct identity.

    On the mainland, there are miles of mountainous countryside steeped in tales of the past. For an insight into one of Scotland's most epic battles, set off to the site of Bannockburn, located just outside Stirling. Visit the state-of-the-art Bannockburn Visitor Centre, a brand new venue which offers detailed knowledge of the battle and brings history to life with 3D simulations.Renting a Car

    Driving in Scotland

    Which Side?

    The Brits drive on the left-hand side of the road, which is the same as driving in Australia.

    Driver's Age

    The minimum age for drivers to rent a vehicle is 18, however, most car rental companies impose a minimum driver age of 21 or 25. A popular option for drivers under 25 is to lease a vehicle on our Peugeot Lease Program. The minimum age to drive a Peugeot is 18 years with NO young drivers surcharge to pay. To rent or lease a vehicle, the driver must have a full Australian driver's license. Most suppliers have no upper age limit providing you hold a full drivers licence.

    International Driving Permit

    International Driving Permits are not required when driving in the UK, as long as you did not arrive more than 12 months prior. If you intend to drive elsewhere in Europe, International Driving Permits are required for certain countries. You should check before departing if you require one as International Driving Permits must be obtained prior to your departure from Australia.

    Travelling with Children

    Travelling with children is a popular option for our Australian clients. Children must normally use a car seat or booster seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall. Child car seats must also be EU-approved, and these have a label showing a capital 'E' in a circle. Feel free to take your own complying child car seat or we are more than happy to arrange one to be available with your rental vehicle on arrival.


    Fuel types vary in Scotland depending on the type of car you rent or lease. Throughout Scotland there are generally 3 types of fuel available;

    • Diesel
    • Unleaded or Super Unleaded (with higher octane levels)
    • LPG - used in most hybrid vehicles in the UK

    We recommend you choose a diesel vehicle where available. Diesel is cheaper to purchase and more economical to run. Fuel stations can be found in all cities and towns along the Motorways, but these can often be the priciest places to fill up. Supermarket branded stations are usually cheaper than mainstream forecourts, and as a result, fuel prices around big supermarkets are usually driven down.


    Parking in small Scottish towns is usually straightforward. Most councils operate Pay & Display systems in town centres and you prepay for the time you park. Generally, the closer to the centre of the town the higher the parking charges per hour.

    For the cities of Glasgow and Scotland, parking can prove more challenging. Public Pay & Display parking for Edinburgh operates from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm Monday to Saturday in the centre, and until 5:30 pm in areas further away. Charges vary between £1.00 and £3.20 per hour (as of April 2014). In Glasgow, parking changes for the inner city Pay & Display spaces are up to 60p per 12 minutes with a maximum stay of 2 hours (as of April 2014). It can usually be a lot cheaper to park outside of the city centre and use Park and Ride services.

    Driving Distances

    Driving times and distances in Scotland are important to know when planning your self-drive holiday. Our top driving tip when planning a self-drive holiday in Scotland is to take your time and do not attempt to do too much in one day. Relax and enjoy!

    The following driving times and distances are for some of the most popular driving routes through Scotland;

    • Edinburgh to Glasgow (47mi/ 75km approx. 1hr 10mins)
    • Glasgow to Loch Lomond (33mi/53km approx. 45 mins)
    • Edinburgh to Perth (43mi/69km approx. 1hr )
    • Aberdeen to Dundee (66mi/106km approx. 1 hr 25mins)
    • Dundee to St Andrews (14mi/23km approx. 30mins)
    • Edinburgh to Inverness (156mi/251 km approx. 3hr)

    Car Hire in Scotland with Auto Europe

    Book your car hire in Scotland with Auto Europe over our safe, reliable and secure online booking system. Our exceptional customer service and Beat Rate Guarantee assure the best savings and quality of service on your car hire. For more information, read our Car Rental FAQ page, read our Terms and Conditions, or Contact Us.

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