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    Weird Roads: The Longest Roads in the World

    The world is full of fascinating things, and there is one we can't get enough of: Interesting roads. Whether they are around the country or through the dessert, if they are unique breed of bitumen, we're on it. Like these five roads, which are the longest roads in their category. Thought you had seen it all when you drove from Australia's east coast to the west coast? Think again!

    The Longest Highway

    Highway 1 is our country's coastal road and you are able to start it anywhere and drive back in a circle to your starting point. A 24,000km long circle that is, as you'll need to drive all around Australia to complete Highway 1. The quality of the world longest highway varies to a great degree. In most sections it consists of a Dual Carriageway, but in the cities it can be upgraded to a motorway and in some more rural areas it is little more than a dirt track. Need some inspiration for activities on the way? Why not stop at the Mamu Rainforest Canopy Walk in Cairns or taste the good life in funky Adelaide?

    The Longest Ice Road

    Technically this road is a series of lakes strung together by 64 portages, but it freezes up in the winter so the Canadians use it as a road. This slippery road goes from Barren Lands to Tibbitt Lake and then on to Contwoyto Lake nearly 600km north. Can you cross the lakes with your rental car? Absolutely not. Not only is it not a government maintained road, it's also full of massive trucks that are bringing supplies to areas that are only accessible by air in summer. They cross the ice road with high speed - as you might have seen in History Channel's Ice Road Truckers - and occasionally loose grip or get stuck in the piled up ice on the side of the road. We're sure that you are a brilliant driver, but we don't think your Ford Focus will outdrive a sliding truck.

    Weird Roads: The Longest Roads in the World

    The Longest Continuous Road

    Highway 1, eat your heart out. You might be the longest highway, but you're definitely not the longest continuous road. The Pan-American Highway travels through two continents and 18 countries, from North Alaska to Ushuaia in South Argentina. The highway is 50,000 km long and has some official and unofficial parts. For example, the road that connects Alaska to the rest of the USA via Canada has never been officially recognized as a part of the Pan-American Highway. There's also a small break called the Darien Gap in Northern Colombia where a rainforest takes up the road. It will take you 21 days to drive from Alaska to Argentina if you keep a constant speed of 100km/h and can go without a single rest stop or sleep; not something any medical practitioner or sane person would recommend. But if you are after a longer adventure, this highway is the way to go, just make time for a kip.

    The Longest Underground Road

    We all know the long tunnels that run through the Swiss Alps, but this is not where you can find the longest tunnel in the world. There is a 24km long tunnel in Norway that connects the city of Lærdal with the city of Aurland. Over 2.5 million cubic metres of rocks were removed from the mountain during the construction. Innovative as the Scandinavians are, the Norwegians kept in mind that driving through a long tunnel can put a mental strain on drivers. The tunnel has a couple of caves that break the routine. Whilst the tunnel has white light, the caves have blue lights with yellow lights at the fringes, giving an impression of sunrise. Curious how it looks like? Check out the 19 minute video from a dashboard cam.

    The Longest Straight Road

    Highway 85 in Saudi Arabia is the longest road without bends in the world. The road is 252km long and connects the Harad Area with Badha on the UAE boarder. This road made our list of 'Most Boring Roads'.

    Do you feel that your roadtrip adventure is long overdue? Book your car hire today to and explore one of the roads above! Visit us online or call us on 1300 656 601.

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