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    The Mysteries of Greece

    Greece; a country of great food, mythology and ancient mystery. Located deep in the Mediterranean, it gives the word 'mystery' a whole new meaning. The capital city of Athens has been inhabited by people for over 7000 years and with around 6000 island surrounding the mainland, you'll be sure to find something unique wherever you decide to go. Feel like going on a mysterious adventure? Here are our three all-time favourites for discovering a little of the unknown.

    Kefalonia - a Pinterest favourite

    A 6 hour drive - and a short ferry - from Athens will take you to Kefalonia, an island west of the mainland. The island is famous for two natural wonders: Lake Melissani and the Drogarati Cave.The Drogarati Cave was discovered 300 years ago, which compared to Greece's overall backtrack of history is not that long ago. An earthquake opened up the entrance but it took another 250 years for the cave to be opened to the public. The cave itself is not that big and those who have seen their fair share of stalagmites and stalactites might turn up their noses. However, the acoustics are worth the trip. The great hall of the cave has been the venue for several concerts so put your comfortable walking boots on (it's slippery in the cave) and settle in for a night of Opera.Lake Melissani looks pretty out of this world and is a geographical phenomenon that will make the average Pinterester go wild. The lake was created when an underground cavern collapsed. A huge circle was left facing the surface and the result is absolutely amazing. Between 11am and 1 pm the waters can be so blue; you'll find yourself wondering if it is photoshopped.

    Driving Route from Athens to Kefolonia

    Cave melissani in greece

    Mount Parnassus - The Temple of Apollo

    Mount Parnassus is located 3 hours northwest from Athens and makes for a nice escape from the city. At the bottom of the mountain you'll find the town of Delphi. For ancient Greeks, Delphi was the centre of the world and all Greeks united here to pray. Today it is a modern city built next to 'Ancient Delphi', the archaeological site. The site is an ancient Greek city and a stunning addition to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit the 4th century BC Temple of Apollo or walk a little bit further up for a well-preserved 4th century BC theatre. Across the road you'll find the Sanctuary of Athena Pronea, an ancient gymnasium. The area is known for its olive trees, so you're in for a culinary treat! Those who can't stay awake with the idea of temples, visit this area in winter. A little surprisingly, it's actually a really good area to ski.

    Driving Route from Athens to Mount Parnassus

    Delphi in Greece

    Meteora - Middle of the Sky

    Another UNESCO World Heritage site is located just 4.5 hours out of Athens. Meteora, meaning middle of the sky, is one of the largest and most important complexes of the Greek Orthodox monasteries in the country. The monasteries are built on top and into the rocks, making it look like a sci-fi movie. Meteora would still be stunning even if the monasteries weren't there. Wind, water and extreme temperatures turned the land in to huge rock pillars, giving the three sisters more than a run for money.

    Driving Route Athens to Meteora

    Meteora Greece

    Please note, not all car hire suppliers permit travel by ferry with the vehicle. Check before you depart Australia if your planned itinerary is permitted so you don't get caught short on your holiday. For more information give one of our friendly reservations staff a call on 1300 656 601 or book online today!

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