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    The 5 Happiest Towns in the UK

    Happiness might just be around the corner for those who are planning a trip to the UK. The Daily Mail found the five happiest towns in the UK. They measured how content the locals were with the decor, space, contentment, value, investment, well-being, pride, costs, safety, amenities, recreation, and neighbourliness. The funny thing is that all five are located in the country side and are absolutely beautiful. So on your next UK self-drive holiday, grab yourself some happiness and visit the top five!

    Happiest towns in the UK no. 5: Chester

    Chester is an impressive historical town. Originated in the Romano-Britisch period, some parts of the town are around two thousand years old! Reflected in the architecture, it sure feels like you're back in medieval times. The town is enclosed by a wall that was built in the 13th century. This wall is open to public and provides great views of the surrounding area. With historic buildings everywhere, the centre of the town is almost a museum by itself. Visit the Chester Rows, a historic two-tiered shopping gallery which is the only one of its kind in the world. The region is full of fun attractions as well. Drive to Mow Cop for a castle built in 1754 by local stone masons or admire one of the many historic houses and gardens.

    Five happy towns in the UK Chester

    Happiest towns in the UK no. 4: Harrogate

    Harrogate is a famous Spa town 25 kilometres from Leeds. Located in North Yorkshire, the scenery feels like you have entered an episode of Downton Abbey. Experience the old days and visit Bettys Tea Room. This famous tea room opened its doors in 1919 and quickly expanded throughout the area. The combination of Swiss chocolate - the founder was an orphan from Switzerland that made his way to England - and high class English tea will definitely increase your level of happiness. Another great sight is the nearby Ripley Castle. This 700 year old castle has been in the Ingilby family for twenty-six generations and the tours will give you deeper insight in how the family lived throughout the years. It has a great collection of antiques and the gardens are perfect for a family picnic.

    Five happy towns in the UK Harrogate

    Happiest towns in the UK no. 3: Huddersfield

    Huddersfield is a market town between Manchester and Leeds. The town is famous for its Victorian architecture and has the third highest number of listed buildings compared to any other place in the UK. The biggest market in town is the Queensgate Market Hall and here you can find basically everything. Shop for a new outfit, get a new haircut or simply do the groceries for the week. A short walk from the market you will find Byram Arcade, a Victorian style arcade that is known for its range of independent shops. It's the place to go if you're looking for designer items or vintage. Be sure you visit the Victoria Tower on Castle Hill. Built for Queen Victoria's 60th Birthday, the tower overlooks the town and provides beautiful views of the English countryside.

    Five happy towns in the UK Huddersfield

    Happiest towns in the UK no. 2: York

    York's name originates from Jorvik, the name the Vikings gave the area after they captured it in 866. Thirty years ago the archaeologists from York Archaeological Trust revealed houses, workshops and backyards of the Viking-Age city of Jorvik, as it stood 1,000 years ago. On this location, you will find the Jorvik Viking Centre. The Centre is the most popular attraction in the UK outside London and will take you back in time. Another sight with a rich history is the famous York Minister. It is the largest cathedral in northern Europe and dates back to the 8th century. After all this exposure to culture, it might be time for a beverage. You're in luck! York is well known for its pubs. Treat yourself and grab a famous English beer whilst enjoying a typical pub meal. For those who are planning do go over during the English summer, on 6th July 2014, York hosts Stage 2 of The Tour de France Grand Depart.

    Five happy towns in the UK York

    Happiest towns in the UK no. 1: Carlisle

    The happiest town in England is Carlisle, situated in the county of Cumbria. This is the place with streets where roman soldiers have walked on and a church that dates back to the year 400. Visit the over 900 year's old Carlisle Castle. The Castle has been the scene of many historical episodes in British history. So has the nearby Hadrian's Wall, a 73-mile long wall built by the Romans. It's the main shopping, commercial and industrial centre in the northern half of Cumbria and that is why you'll find enough facilities to get you through the day. Visit the town in late August for the Carlisle Great Fair. This fair was originally established in 1353, and now runs as a sort of mini 'Edinburgh Festival'. It sure is a place that will make you happy.

    Five happy towns in the UK Carlisle

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