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    The Most Boring Roads in the World

    Phew! Give yourself a pat on the back. Another jam packed December is behind us. January should be the time to take down those last few Christmas decorations, make fresh starts with resolutions and finally use those crisp, pristine diaries, but it's just been so busy. How about an icy cold glass of water, putting up those feet, and instead enjoying the feeling unheard of in December - being bored.In honour of welcoming boredom back in our lives, here is our ode to boring.

    Boring Towns - Boring, Oregon

    A Boring Introduction to Towns

    Boring, Dull and Bland. Not the kinds of places you'd prioritise for a holiday destination. But why not? The towns of Boring, Oregon, and Dull, Scotland forged a partnership in 2012 for a light-hearted celebration of their less than inspiring town names. There is even a Boring and Dull Day on the 8th August to celebrate the duo. The drearily named Bland, New South Wales, might also be getting in on the action by forging a sister city trio.

    Australia's Most Boring Road

    If you like undulating hills and forest canopies to frame your view on a road trip, the 90 Mile Straight in Western Australia is not for you. It pretty much does what it says on the tin, with the added bonus of being located entirely on the Nullarbor Plain. Travellers have featureless scrubland and intense heat to contend with, but really that's about it. Boredom is the biggest hazard, as drivers can veer off the road when concentration wanes and fatigue sets in.

    The World's Loneliest Road

    The title of loneliest road in the world can go to the Dalton Highway. Following the Trans-Alaska pipeline from the heart of Alaska up to the Arctic Ocean, 666km in the north, the highway has enjoyed some limelight on Ice Road Truckers, America's Toughest Jobs, and World's Most Dangerous Roads. With only three towns along the way and a population totalling less than 250 permanent residents along the route, some human company is few and far between. However, the drive is much more pleasant in the summer and the stunning Alaskan wildlife and wilderness is a good distraction from the loneliness.

    Dalton Highway Alaska - World

    Is this the World's Longest straight Road?

    In principle, the longest straight road is Saudi Arabia's Highway 10. However, in practice, the sand dunes spill on to the tarmac every day as the dunes migrate across the desert. For 261km all drivers can expect is teeny tiny nudges of the steering wheel between the village of Haradh and the Saudi border with the UAE. Pretty boring, hey?


    Auto Europe are here to help you on your way to a great road trip. Whether winding country roads or these highway giants get you excited to hit the road, we can help you find the perfect rental. Book online today or call us on 1300 656 601!

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