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    Skopje, Macedonia - The Lone Car State

    'Don't judge a book by its cover' - English idiom

    'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet' - Shakespeare

    Now, you might ask, what does a phrase your parents told you growing up and a slightly unusual pick-up line have to do with us? In a roundabout way, what we really mean is that while we are called Auto Europe, if we get to the nitty gritty we should really be known as Auto Worldwide. If you want a car in Miyazaki, (Japan, if you were curious) we can do it. If you want a motorhome in Whitehorse, Canada, we can do it.

    There are some pretty well travelled Aussies. Some destinations have hundreds or even thousands of rental cars driving around over the year, but some adventurous spirited Australians headed out to international frontiers alone.

    Where don't many Australian's go?

    Now's the time to test your articulation: Depots in Florianopolis, Gainesville, Guadalajara, Harare, Kayseri, Panama City, Rarotonga, Rovaniemi, Skopje, Windhoek, and quite a few more saw just one rental car booked through us across the year. These towns and cities have some secreted attractions, which shouldn't be the case. When planning your next holiday, consider some of the world's less loved metropolises. Skopje for example, where we rented one car last year.

    Skopje, Capital of Macedonia

    What's in Skopje?

    Skopje is the capital city of the Republic of Macedonia. While pushing itself in to a modern, eclectic Central European capital, it can't disguise the influence of many empires and ideologies which have historically coveted the city as a centre of power.

    The Empires of Paeonians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Serbia, and a post-WWII socialist vision blend haphazardly, despite a disastrous earthquake levelling most of the city in 1963 and the subsequent rebuild.

    Kameni Most, the old Stone Bridge from the 15th Century Ottoman architecture, spans the Vardar River connecting Macedonia Square to the Old Bazaar, dates back to the 12th Century as an important trading post between Christian and Muslim residents.

    Skopje Bazaar

    Today, many Ottoman and Byzantine buildings have been turned in to museums and galleries. You can still get lost of the maze of streets selling fresh produce, knick-knacks and anything random the merchants get their hands on. Top foods to try to get a taste for Macedonian palates include burek, a sweet or savoury flaky pastry, and Shopska Salata with some grilled meat.


    London, Paris, New York, Milan - leave them to the fashionistas and 2014. This year, think elsewhere on the map. Aruba to Zambia, Amsterdam to Zilina - wherever you want to travel, we've got your back. Call us on 1300 656 601 or book online on our search engine today!

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