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    How much to allocate per day driving around Europe?

    If you're like me you often wonder about how much money you are going to need to take with you on holidays. It can be hard to budget when you don't know exactly what you are going to be paying for or buying. When hiring a car there are a few things you need to factor into your budget.


    This is something that people often forget about. Most car suppliers don't include tolls or toll stickers in their rates. Make sure you check before you leave Australia to see if there are any tolls applicable to you. Cities like London do have congestion charges and are paid differently to the system we use.


    Something you're less likely to forget about is fuel. Depending on how much driving you are going to be doing and how big your car is fuel could chew up a far bit of your spending money. There are websites out there that tell you the current price for petrol and diesel in Europe, take advantage of these websites and calculate a rough estimate of how many fuel stops you will need this way you'll know you have left yourself enough money and besides if you have a bit left over that means more spending money for you!

    Additional Charges

    There's no way to get around them but if you have to pay one way fees, GPS fees etc you will have to budget for this. Even though additional charges are paid at the start or end of the rental they can still be quite expensive. Make sure you read your terms and conditions so you know if there is anything additional you will have to pay, one way fees can be as high as EUR1,000 which would be a large chunk of your holiday money gone.

    Food and Drink

    Depending on how far you are going to be driving each day it can be beneficial to factor in food and drink money, there will no doubt be a time during your road trip where you will pull over for something to eat and drink. There's no exact figure for how much you should allocate per day while driving around Europe however you can budget to make sure you have enough money while driving around if you plan before hand and factor in how long and where you are going as every country and person are different.


    Let us know what you think! Is there anything else that could be added to this list? Was there anyway you could save a bit of money whilst driving around Europe? If you've taken all this into consideration, finalise your car hire over the phone on 1300 656 601 or do it yourself online today!

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