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    Go Go Car Gadgets - Useful or Useless?

    In no particular order, and very little judgement from us in terms of what really is useful or useless (we're an accepting bunch at Auto Europe), here are 5 of the car gadgets you can get your hands on these days.

    Storage Solutions

    Eggs on top of pastry on top of delicate fruit? Or fruit on top of pastry on top of eggs? Don't forget to watch out for the laundry powder squashing them all when manoeuvring through the roundabout.

    Squashed fruit and cracked eggs no more. New car models include smarter storage solutions to solve all these pesky problems. Imagine double tiered boot space with shopping hammocks like in the accessory package for the Peugeot 3008!

    The Dash Cam

    While usually the source of funny, scary or downright dangerous driving videos floating around on the internet, at the business end of the rise of this gadget, the dashcam can help your insurance claim if you ever get in to a car accident.

    Sitting out of the way on top of your dash or behind your rear-view mirror, the cameras records your driving trips. The recording can be used to assist with insurance claims or evidence if required, and will be able to capture those candid camera family moments being safe at the same time.

    Armrest Console Cushion

    Do you find yourself thinking that the armrest feels cold and unwelcoming to your precious elbow? If so, this low-tech addition will keep your forearm on cloud 9. Simply strap the cushion in and enjoy the comfortable foam support.

    Popcorn Maker

    For people that like a bit of POP in their trip you can't go past the popcorn maker! Best used when not cruising at 100km an hour, pull in to a bay or a drive in cinema and plug in to your car's power/lighter socket. Sit back, and wait patiently for that buttery salty treat.

    Massage Seat

    For the indulgent road trippers and those who spend more time in traffic than they'd like, use the journey as a chance to relax. Grab yourself a massage seat cover, and think of all that money you'll save on going to a masseuse with a bad back.


    If you need to hire a car, give Auto Europe Australia a call on 1300 656 601 or book on our online search engine. We can't guarantee cool gadgets but we've got the rest of it down-packed.

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