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    Europe's Best Theme Parks

    Most Aussies would head to the Gold Coast or across the pacific to the United States to visit a theme park, but surprisingly enough Europe has more to offer than heritage and great food. Whether you're a thrill seeker, want to surprise the kids or just love theme parks, you can't go wrong with these destinations. Let us introduce you to five of Europe's best theme parks, tested and loved by Auto Europe Australia.

    The Efteling - the Netherlands

    The fairy tales that you enjoyed in your childhood come alive in the Efteling. Built in a natural forest, you will (re)discover famous tales from around the world. Walk through the 'Fairy Tales Forest' and come face-to-face with famous characters such as Cinderella, Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin. Jump on the 'Fata Morgana', a boat trip through the mysterious Forbidden City from the Tales of 1001 Nights or get silly in 15 countries in the 'Carnaval Festival'. Those who enjoy a little bit more action should try the rollercoasters to get chased by eagles in the 'Vogel Rok' or go on a spooky adventure in the 'Flying Dutchman'. Fun fact: The Efteling has residents called The Laaf people, who found their home at the park after a long journey from the North Pole. They greet each other with the traditional carnival greeting 'Alaaf' and are a well-known collectable for the Dutch people.

    europe theme parks Efteling

    Liseberg - Sweden

    If you're up for a retro day of fun, Lisberg is the way to go. The park is over 90 years old and combines the best of retro and modern attractions. Jump in the dancing Teacups, pull silly faces in the house of mirrors or eat fairyfloss in the Ferris wheel. There's a fast water attraction with the dubious name 'FlumeRide', and AtmosFear, which is not another indie rock band, but the free fall attraction. Lisberg turned 90 in 2013 and celebrated this by renovating the children's area of the park into 'Rabbit Land'. As the name might give away, this is the universe of the rabbit - 13,000 square metres to be exact. Expect heaps of chewed carrots and rabbit costumes. Be sure to try out Jarnvagsrestaurangen - and we're not just talking about the pronunciation - as the restaurant is train themed and you'll be seated in retro carriage compartments when dining.

    europe theme parks Lisberg

    Parc Asterix - France

    Young and old know the adventures of good friends Asterix and Obelix from the village that resists the Roman occupation by using their magic poison. First published in 1961, a range of products has followed for the next generations to enjoy. But when in France, it's time to leave the comic books, video games and movies behind to experience the legend in real life. Parc Asterix is built around the famous duo, offering a fun and educational day out for the whole family. There are 6 worlds, each of them having their own theme in a period in history, with characters, gods and heritage centred upon the theme. The first five worlds are themed around Ancient Greece, Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Vikings and Travel through Time. Learning about history is way more fun when you're in a rollercoaster, watching one of the many shows or enjoying 'historical' foods. The 6th world is Asterix and Obelix' home - Gaul - where you can see the village in action. This is your cue to say 'They are crazy, those Romans!' There are attractions for young and old, so a day of fun is guaranteed.

    Europa Park - Germany

    Forget about crossing borders, visit Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, England, Russia, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Iceland, Spain and Portugal in one day at Europe Park. Founded 30 years ago this year, the idea was to create a park with over 13 European themed areas. The average visiting time of the park is 9 hours, which is a pretty good indication that there is enough to do. The younger ones can enjoy traditional fairy tales, the indoor playground or try the vintage cars, whilst the older ones can encounter the interactive laser course in Queen's Diamonds. For those who aren't into all the action; throughout the park you'll find 250 international artists who will perform magic, juggle, dance and sing. Europe Park was ranked number two in Germany's Favourite Attractions Top 100 by the German National Tourist Board in 2014.

    europe theme parks Europe Park

    Legoland - Denmark

    Everything is awesome 1.5 hours outside of Germany's border. Drive north and you'll find Denmark's most famous amusement park: Legoland. If you are a Lego Movie fan, you'll feel right at home between the 60 million Lego bricks that were used to build the park. The park basically reflects President Business' ideal. There is Miniland, where the youngest ones among us can enjoy a Lego safari or caterpillar. Or try Legored Town, for some Wild West enjoyment. On top of that you'll have Lego rollercoasters in Adventure Land, Knights in Knights Kingdom, Pirates in Pirate Land and everything cold in Polar Land. End 2015 you'll find a 'SPACESHIP!' there as well so really only Cloud Cuckoo Land is missing. If you never cracked the code to stacking Lego, Duplo Land is the place to be. If you just really don't like bricks but got forced to join for the day, make your way over to the Imagination Zone immediately where you'll find Atlantis by Sea Life, an aquarium.


    Europe's best theme parks are waiting for you! So start planning your holiday and give us a call on 1300 656 601 or book online to sort out your car hire today!

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