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    Emission Stickers In Germany

    Emisssion Sign

    With countries all over the world starting to acknowledge the Environmental problems which we can admit we have all contributed to, there is now a mad urgency to find a solution as to how we can cut our emissions. Quite often we hear about the United Nations Climate Change Conference's but most of us don't even think twice to turn on our hearing and try to grasp what is going on in our world. Just now we have been seeing a lot of countries enforcing regulations which will hopefully lend a hand in trying to cut emissions.

    At present one country we observe enforcing strict emission regulations is Germany. Any vehicle which is planning on driving into the inner city areas throughout Germany will need to display an emission sticker depending on the vehicle age, size and the emissions it contributes. There are three types of stickers and one will be provided depending on the above three factors, pollutant group 4 (green), pollutant group 3 (yellow) and pollutant group 2 (red).

    From doing a little research it appears as though many people who are collecting a hire vehicle in Germany or are planning to drive through Germany on their trip are puzzled as to how they acquire a sticker and if they will need to organise this themselves.

    For visitors arranging to collect a hire car within Germany, the car suppliers are supposed to provide the stickers already on the vehicles (the emission stickers last for the life of the car) as a result leaving you without the worry and the additional cost.

    In the case you find yourself collecting a hire vehicle outside of Germany you will find most suppliers will not provide the emission stickers on the vehicles, this is because there are still a lot of countries in Europe who have not put this system in place as yet. In this case you will need to organize the permit yourself either through a testing station, local garage, or you can pre order on the TUV website (which is in English!).If you are lucky enough to be collecting a leasing vehicle whether it's in Germany or another European country you will also need to obtain an emissions sticker in the exact same way as mentioned above.

    Below we have found a list of locations which require you to have an emission sticker:

    Augsburg Berlin Bochum Bonn
    Bottrop Bremen Dortmund Dusseldorf
    Duisburg Essen Frankfurt/Main Freiburg
    Gelsenkirchen Hanover Heidelberg Heilbronn
    Herne Herrenberg Ilsfeld Karlsruhe
    Cologne Krefeld Leipzig Leonberg
    Ludwigsburg Mannheim Mahlacker Mahlheim/Ruhr
    Munich Manster Neuss Neu-Ulm
    Oberhausen Osnabrack Pfinztal Pforzheim
    Pleidelsheim Recklinghausen Reutlingen Schwabisch Gmand
    Stuttgart Tabingen Ulm Wuppertal

    Below is a list of proposed sites:

    Hamburg Markgraningen Nuremberg Regensburg

    Hopefully this will provide some much needed information for travellers planning their European Escape.


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