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    The Scariest Roads in Europe

    Somewhere high in the mountains of Bolivia you will find the North Yungas Road, often referred to as 'death road'. With no guard rails and deep cliffs, it's not surprising that the road got this questionable nickname. The roads are two way and narrow. You will find yourself overtaking someone on the edge of the 600 metre high cliff, the road crumbling under your wheels.

    Dangerous Roads in Italy

    Thankfully you are planning a holiday in Europe. No need to think about scary roads with crumbling roads right? Well, you might be wrong there. Europe has a couple of roads that ask for absolute concentration when you're driving - 'The road of 52 tunnels' for example. This road was built during the First World War and took 10 months to finish. Cut into Monte Pasubio in the Dolomites in Italy, it's basically a mountain path. At one point cars were prohibited because of the high number of fatal accidents, but this is no longer the case. This road offers you amazing views but no guard rails. There's another road in the same area that has frightened drivers for years. The Forcella Lavardet is a road made out of 14 steep and spectacular hairpin bends after which you cross a cliff over an old wooden bridge. The roads are narrow, so it is advice to drive slow in the bends, as you will not see oncoming traffic.

    Strata 52 Italy

    Dangerous Roads in France

    A road similar to the Forcella Lavardet is the Col du Chaussy in France. It is located 1533m above sea level. The road starts with a 3km stretch of 17 sharp hairpins. However, this road is not as scary as Gorges de Galamus in the French Pyrenees. This drive is windy and high up. With narrow roads that go through tunnels that seem to be as small as anything, it is impossible to turn back once you're on it.

    Col Du Chaussy Andrew

    Dangerous Roads in Greece

    Let's move to the Agrafa mountains in Greece where we find a road that stretches from Patiopoulo to Perdikaki. It doesn't look that bad, but it's a busy and popular road and offers little grip for drivers. With huge potholes and loose gravel it's hard to stay in the same lane. This road is also extremely narrow, so you end up trying to keep your vehicle on the road whilst avoiding oncoming traffic.

    Perdikaki Road

    Enjoyable European Roads

    Thankfully there are also a lot of good roads in Europe. An example is the well maintained Autobahn in Germany. The only thing that might be a bit off is the speed limit for cars and motorbikes - there is none. Keep an average speed of 120km, stay in the right lane except when overtaking and always look in your rear mirror. An unspoken rule is to flick your lights when you're driving over a 140km in the left lane. If you see a car coming up behind you with flickering lights, move back into the right lane as this car is driving fast and will overtake you.


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