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    Additional Charges

    When you hire a car it is always important to make sure you read through all the terms and conditions, including the fine print right down the bottom! That way you know exactly what is and isn't included in your rental. There are sometimes additional charges that the rental location will try and get you to buy, additional insurance is a great example of this. Below is a list of things to look out for when hiring a car that will cost you extra.

    Additional Drivers

    If there is going to be more then one driver of the hire car it is important to know that whoever is not nominated as the main driver will incur (if not already included in your rate) an additional drivers surcharge. Depending on where you are hiring the car from the surcharge can be quite high. It is also important to note that if you have not nominated anyone as an additional driver and an accident incurs where the main driver is not driving the car all insurance is void.

    Young Drivers Surcharge

    Applicable to drivers aged between 21-25 years (differs depending on pick up location), like the additional drivers surcharge these fees can be quite high. Unfortunately this surcharge isn't avoidable for anyone under the age of 25 wanting to be the main driver of the vehicle. Any additional drivers under the age of 25 will be charged the young driver surcharge and the additional driver surcharge, wherever possible nominate someone that doesn't fall into this age bracket to be the driver.

    Airport Fee

    This is charged on all rentals picking up from an airport which is imposed by airport authorities for terminal and off terminal locations. Commonly known as a 'Premium Location Surcharge' this fee can be charged on top of additional items such as one way fees, child seats, fuel etc.

    Vehicle Licensing Fee

    Charged by the government this fee is used to recover the vehicle registration costs.

    One Way Fees

    One way fees are charged to cover the cost of returning vehicles back to their original location. Commonly charged when travelling to another state or country however fees do apply for rentals within the same city and between airport and downtown locations. Make sure to check at time of booking if one way fees apply as one way rentals can be quite expensive.


    Make sure you check fuel options at the time you pick your car up to avoid a large fuel charge. Many car hire suppliers require you to bring the car back with a full tank of fuel otherwise you will be charged.These are only a few of the additional charges that rental suppliers will try and hit you with. Always make sure you read your terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid paying extra.


    Do you know what extra charges may apply to your car hire? If you're not sure, give one of our experienced reservations staff a call on 1300 656 601. If you're ready to book you can easily do this online today!

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