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    6 Tips to Beat Jet Lag

    The only down side to going on that perfect holiday you have been dreaming about and saving for is the jet lag that can often come with travelling. Unfortunately there is no single way to overcome jet lag, but there are ways to minimise the effects. These helpful tips should assist you in reducing the effects of jet lag before you take off and whilst flying.

    Get ahead of jet lag

    Try to adjust to the time zone you are travelling to a few days before you leave. This will help you get ahead of jet lag. Depending on where you are travelling you may need to extend your sleeping hours or reduce them. If you are travelling east, head to bed an hour earlier than you usually would or if travelling west try and go to sleep a little later than normal. Note that it is also important to leave home well rested. Try to organise your travel arrangements such as packing and transport a few days prior to departure to avoid stress on the day you leave.

    Transition into your new time zone

    When you board the plane set your watch to the time zone you are travelling to. By doing so you are preparing your mind and body for what is to be excepted when you land. Attempt to adjust your sleep pattern while in flight to your new time zone. If you are going to sleep it is best to do so in comfort so wear comfortable clothes, bring ear plugs and an eye mask for the plane and try to sleep, regardless if it is light outside.

    Walk around the cabin - beat jet lag

    Walk around the cabin

    It is best to minimise your alcohol intake whilst flying as it makes you dehydrated, causes disjointed sleep patterns and groggy when you wake up. Other drinks to avoid include caffeine and soft drinks as they heighten the effects of jet lag. Be sure to drink plenty of water, have light meals and try to walk around the cabin to exercise your body as much as possible.

    Change your body clock

    If it is day time in the destination you are flying to then distract yourself with a movie, work, novel, puzzle or tablet. Overlook sleep as this will disrupt your body clock when you arrive and prolong your jet lag. You need to try to make the transition from the time zone you are used to, to your new time zone.

    Sunlight, fresh air, exercise

    When you finally land at your destination, try to get some natural sunlight, fresh air and more exercise, a walk is ideal. Avoid taking a nap if possible as this will lengthen the jet lag. Usually you will wake up early on your first night in a foreign destination however if you are still having trouble getting to sleep try putting a few drops of lavender oil on your hotel pillow. The natural aromas will help you relax and get to sleep with ease.

    There is always first class...

    Of course if none of these work you can simply save your yearly pay check and purchase a first class seat. You can sleep in comfort and enjoy gourmet meals. The other alternative is to invest in a set of 'Re-Timer' glasses which emit green light into your eyes in order to reset your sleeping pattern.

    First class with armchair - beat jet lag

    Do you have any other tips to help avoid jet lag? Share your tips on the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter. We'd love to hear from you! Ensure you are well rested before you pick up your car hire with us! Speak to one of our friendly reservations staff on 1300 656 601 or book online today!

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